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Jedox - Enterprise Performance Management

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Do you have a challenge in your organization regarding planning-, forecasting- or budgetting?
We have the perfect solution for you!

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Jedox is the essential link between strategy and operations
Jedox is advanced tooling to support your decision making processes effectively. Jedox really supports performance improvements throughout your entire organization. Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide useful insights, however BI tools are not suited to properly optimize your revenue streams and profitability.

BI tools do not directly provide possibilities to plan, budget or forecast. Spreadsheet solutions are mostly used to work round this problem, resulting in large and complex Excel files. Often containing many cell-references, errors and even many different versions of the truth across your organization.

When using Jedox
Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) blend together perfectly. The power of BI: reports and analysis joins with ease to Enterprise Performance Management: planning, forecasting and budgetting.

The solution
Jedox streamlines decision making and planning processes for finance, sales, HRM, procurement and all other departments. Jedox also integrates seamlessly with all existing operational systems like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and JD Edwards, and many more. Furthermore, Jedox connects to all possible datawarehouses and other BI tools like Microsoft PowerBI and Qlik.

How does it work?
Jedox is a Web based Corporate Performance Management system. You can create BI reports, perform different types of analysis and create beautiful dashboards. You can do much more than just BI. Without a hassle you can start budgetting, a (rolling) forecast and perform a what-if or scenario analysis. A powerful calculation engine enables real time complex calculations accross different cost centers, for example Price times Quantity (P*Q) and sales planning automatically blend with your profit & loss budget.

Using workflow you can monitor processes and be in control of your progress. You can easily create your own forms, reports and KPI Dashboards without much technical knowledge or the need to write code. Still want to use your Excel spreadsheets? No problem! Jedox also provides a Microsoft Office plugin with an Excel, Word and Powerpoint connector. You use data from Jedox directly in your Microsoft Office environment.

The benefits of Jedox:
  • Unites BI and Enterprise Performance Management in one;
  • Very user-friendly and fast;
  • Easy insights in all plan, forecast and budgetting processes;
  • Be ‘in control’ through workflow;
  • Fast implementation and straightforward administration tools;
  • Best practices and templates available from many industries;
  • Use on premise, in the Cloud or as hybrid solution.