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Klantverhaal Bindinc

“It is now easier, less time consuming and more reliable. We believe Jedox is a great asset to succeed in our mission as publishing company.”

Barent Momma


General Manager

Innovation on all channels

A key driver for Bindinc. is their ability to adapt. Consumer behavior is changing, and along with it does the media landscape. Bindinc. is continuously seeking ways to enhance their Custom Media Programs & Services and Data Services and at the same time they are striving for operational excellence.

“Sustaining and improving on our quality in this versatile media landscape is a continuous challenge for our people and the partners we work with. An important success factor is fl exibility and lean operations. With our redesign of fi nance, the new control has been a clear enabler to get us closer to these goals.”  Barent Momma, General Manager at Bindinc.

The need for change

Jasper Van Scheppingen, Information Manager at Bindinc. talks about the challenges the company had to face:

“In order to contribute to cost savings and the optimization of processes, an investment in fi nance and control seemed quite obvious. Bindinc. was still using Excel sheets for budgeting, planning, month-end close and so forth. Earlier investments in traditional Business Intelligence tools had hardly made any impact. Instead of simplifying things they had made the organization dependent on IT and specific people.“

Extracting the essentials

The company started looking for a planning tool that could address the needs of simplifi ed planning structures. “We invested quite some time to fi nd software that could actually work for us. We attended several events, consulted eight companies and had sessions with four different vendors. We discovered that information management consists of two different worlds: what is generally known as Business Intelligence and the world of Corporate Performance Management. It was not that simple to tackle all our requirements with one single solution”, Van Scheppingen says. They were looking for assistance from researchers like Gartner and BARC who gave a very helpful overview of different solutions. Finally, Bindinc. decided to send a request for proposal to vendors that were capable of combining both BI and CPM. Going forward, the requested proof of concept made the difference and Jedox ended up to be the winner.

Smooth and easy implementation at individual needs

“During the implementation, Jedox partner Celcus came through on time and within budget. And honestly, the scoping and associated planning of three months was pretty ambitious. We learned that involvement of all key business users is vital in the preparation phase and during the implementation itself. It is easy to underestimate years of spreadsheet work and modelling. At the end of the day results count. The business is thrilled about the functionality they now have to their disposal, the ease of use and the instant availability at a press of a button. The initial investment in time and money has paid off in months and our own financial controlling team is adding more functionalities all the time,” Van Scheppingen explains.

Barent Momma agrees:

“Today it is so much easier to optimize our operating results based on the on subscription models we have integrated in Jedox, advertisement models, the planning of internal and external professionals, paper, printing and postage, custom media, sales, newsstand sales, and so on. It is now easier, less time consuming and more reliable. We believe Jedox is a great asset to succeed in our mission.” Barent Momma, General Manager


The Dutch publishing company Bindinc. reaches out, fascinates and bonds – with quality publishing concepts, program information on size, a huge audience of over 2.5 million subscribers, dozens of titles and unique knowledge about their customer base. The company works throughout all channels: analog, digital, via print, online, mobile and connected TV.