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Klantverhaal Novoferm

“It is great to see how we quickly realized insight into turnover, margins and results per year, region, customer, sales representative, product group and more.”

Gerard ten Dam


Manager Finance

Doors close to perfection

Gerard ten Dam has been with the Dutch Novoferm branch as a financial manager for almost 30 years – and has never experienced a dull moment in the Novoferm organization:

“Every year has brought new opportunities and challenges: it keeps you sharp and creates room to initiate changes and improvements” Gerard ten Dam

He has been involved in several take-overs, mergers, construction of new plants, expansions and international cooperation. “As any finance professional it is my first responsibility to see to proper control, order and overview. Having the right periodic input and output is the basic requisite to operate and as things change you have to be on top of things to get it right.

Over the years I have developed a pretty good antenna but going forward I felt it necessary to embed insight and performance management deeper into our organization. Besides better decision making on other levels in the organization we wanted to increase our effciency and to improve our data analysis and collaboration.”

New possibilities for old habits

In the search for software that could support, Novoferm’s fi rst concern was a smart connection to the existing ERP system:

“First of all, we had to free ourselves more or less from the constraints the SAP R/3 and SAP BW environments posed on us”, says ten Dam.

Important factors that played a role in selecting Jedox were the short implementation time, ease of use and maintenance and the initial investment in the software itself. From the outset, Jedox had a promising proposition compared to other tools we reviewed. Having worked with Excel, Jedox immediately feels comfortable.

The first quick wins are easy to realize as the requirements were largely based on the Excel sheets we already had. It is great to see how we quickly realized insight into turnover, margins and results per year, region, customer, sales representative, product group and so forth. And after implementation, without any involvement from our IT department at all. Today we have happy users throughout the company.

Saving time and creating better insights

The current business applications are intuitive and hardly require any explanation. Insight is delivered much faster and more reliable.

“Some of the reports used to take two weeks to produce, now they don’t take up more than two hours! This is a good example of the quick return on investment we experienced. It has made us more eager to pursue other solutions but unfortunately we lack the time to take the use of Jedox to the next level just yet. And by that I do not mean the time it takes to implement a solution but the time it takes to sharpen the way we want to drive the company. To defi ne what information will further benefi t our organization. It was our approach to build the fi rst set of solutions and I am confi dent that having a very clear view of the end result is vital to our success,“ says Gerard ten Dam.

It is a comfortable thought to him that whatever business functionality Novoferm may defi ne in the future it will not be limited by the ability of Jedox to accommodate it.


Novoferm is one of the biggest door and shutter manufacturers in Europe. Since 2003 it is part of the Japanese Sanwa Shutter Group, which is worldwide one of the leading garage door and shutter brands.

The Sanwa Shutter Group has more than 9.000 employees and conducts business worldwide through a network of 107 companies and thousands of partners.